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Article: 5 Date Night Outfits To Impress

5 Date Night Outfits To Impress

5 Date Night Outfits To Impress

Tinder Alert: YOU GOT A MATCH!!

“How about drinks at ATLAS bar this Friday?” a suave looking gentleman asked.

You do a background check on his Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin profile, wait impatiently for half a day before excitedly replying a cool "Sure =)"

You’re heading to a fancy bar for cocktails followed by dinner at Gunther's. He took the initiative to do all the planning. You look through your brimming wardrobe, and you can’t figure what to wear. 

Have no fear! We understand what it feels like "to have nothing to wear!" We are here to help with a few sexy date outfit options that are sure to impress!

5 SEXY OUTFIT FOR YOUR DATES (not in any order)


  1. Toga Bodycon Dress

Pair a tight fitting dress with a simple clutch and complete the look with one of those red soled killer heels. A statement necklace piece can also elevate your look. Show off those curves and be the envy of every woman in the room. You can opt for a monochromatic look with nude colors or go even bolder using loud colors. With this dress you can look like a million bucks but also feel comfortable during the course of the date!

Eloise toga bandage dress lovefreya

  1. Sexy Fringe Dress

Now, lets say if you want to be extra cute waltzing into Atlas bar in an outfit that hints at your sense of fun, pair this dress with nude heels and you’re ready for a good time!

p/s: don't forget the champagne.

Simone Heng wearing v-neck fringe bandage short dress lovefreya
V-neck fringe bandage dress $168 featuring Simone Heng from courageous speaking

  1. Sexy Bralette Top

Been spending the last few months at the gym working on your abs? Show off the results of your work with this midriff top. You can match it with high waist skirt or pants/jeans. The combination is only limited by your imagination.

lovefreya Jessa lace bustier padded bra top corset shapewear
Jessa lace bustier top $89

  1. The Perfect Suit

If you are feeling the frills of dressing up in tight fit dresses, all our suits are certainly here to impress, even more so on this very important day! A well dressed woman, is a powerful woman. Well, LOVEFREYA humbly started out focusing on making fashion statement Power Suits for ladies. Our principal is - power looking suit for the extraordinary you.

lovefreya pink power suit for ladies suit dress

Cordeli Suit Dress $172

lovefreya red power suit women

Alexandra Business Suit $239 featuring yours truly in an attempt at modelling.

  1. The long flowy gown

Always love the attention? Need to be home by midnight? Here, we have the perfect dreamy dress for Prince Charming coming on his horse carriage. Walk out that door in the prettiest princessy dress in your wardrobe. Pair it with long silky gloves and glass heels to make him fall head over heels with you..

p/s: remember to leave one side of a heel behind x

Lovefreya soft flowy long pink romantic gown

 Ally bandage long gown $219


Well, you can’t go wrong with these 5 eye-catching outfits. Now go out, have fun and tell us all about your date!


This post was written in 2019BC (before covid...)

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