Region of Rental

This item is available to rent in Singapore only.


  • Kindly place all apparels back in the bag/box provided for return.
  • Items are to be return on the NEXT DAY after the rental period ends.
  • Please ensure someone is around to attend to our collection team.
  • Return address cannot differ from the delivery address.

Courier delivery / Schedule

  • Courier fees are for 2 ways
  • A S$15 surcharge will be incurred for any courier collection that occurs on a weekend or PH.
  • It is your onus to make sure there is someone around to receive / return the orders during your selected receive/return date.
  • Customers will be charge additionally the price of any return trip should the delivery / collection be unsuccessful. The price will be according to our standard delivery fee.
  • Courier's delivery/pick-up schedule will be between 1000 to 2200hrs.
  • Return date/time remains the same for any new time/date arranged for re-delivery.

    Order Timeline

    • Orders placed for Mondays to Fridays, are available for delivery between 1200 hrs to 2200hrs.
    • Orders placed for weekends & PH will be subjected to manpower availability for delivery / collection. Do check with us.

    Credit Card / Personal information
    Credit card & personal information form is required for every rental in the event of any lost/damage to the rental item. All personal information is safeguard and will not be shared with other party. Order is confirmed only upon submission of Credit card/personal information form. 

    Late Return Fee

    • Any orders not ready for collection when the rental period ends.
    • Late Return Fee is the per day rental rate.
    • Late Return Fee is charge by per apparel per day.

    Cancellation Policy

    • S$10 administrative charge will be incurred for refunds due to incomplete orders.
    • Refunds will be issued through store credits.

    Damage and Replacement Cost
    Altering, using hem tape, adding, removing or cutting any part of any rental apparel is strictly prohibited. All rental apparels must not be immersed in ocean or chlorine water. Upon return, inspection will be done and if there are any rental items that have been abused as mentioned above, are damaged beyond repair, have excessive dirt and/or have missing pieces, will be considered sold. You will be charged a full price on the credit card submitted. 

      Secured Delivery Zone
      You will be charge an additional S$15 per delivery i
      f your address falls under these area (including but not limited to):
      • Airport Cargo Road
      • Airport Zone
      • ALPS Ave
      • Camps
      • Immigration Checkpoints
      • Construction Sites
      • Jurong Island
      • Jurong Port
      • PSA Port
      • SATS, Aerospaces
      • Shipyard
      • Supply Bases

      Additional Cost
      Any additional fees and cost incurred will be charge from the credit card details submitted with your rental order.