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Article: My Breast Cancer Journey

My Breast Cancer Journey

My Breast Cancer Journey

Yes, you read it right.


I received a diagnosis of early stage Breast Cancer In September 2023. The tumours were significant enough that I had to remove a part of myself within a few weeks.

After discovering a lump on 31 August 23'. I consulted a doctor and underwent various tests like ultrasound, mammogram, MRI, CT scan, followed by a biopsy within the same week. Sadly, the results led to a necessary unilateral mastectomy.

A genetic test (Oncotype DX) showed a high risk of recurrence within 10 years, prompting a recommendation for chemotherapy.

Although Breast Cancer typically affects older women, I as a healthy young individual, faced this unexpected diagnosis at the age of 38, with no prior family history of cancer.

Cancer can be a delicate topic, especially in Asian culture. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by the significant advancements in breast reconstruction surgery. Thanks to these advancements and choices, I can regain my self-assurance even after undergoing a mastectomy. I strongly suggest this option to anyone facing a similar situation. My visit to SW1 was stress-free because Dr. Chia Hui Ling’s demeanor and expertise reassured me that I am in capable hands. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Honestly, it was an intriguing journey to have a “balloon” in my breast that can gradually be expanded. It was amusing for my husband and me having the opportunity to experiment with different sizes before making a final decision. When life throws me a balloon, pump it up. =)

Revealing this news on International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, holds personal significance, marking my journey and resilience. It has been:

  • 191 days since I felt the lump in my breast
  • 164 days post #mastectomy 
  • 53 days post #breastreconstruction
  • 22 days post shaving my hair
  • 5th chemo session

I want to encourage everyone to prioritise their health and get regular check-ups, as early detection is key.

I am fortunate to have very supportive husband, family, friends and a fulfilling project with LOVEFREYA that kept me positive. With their support, I will emerge even stronger and braver.

Now, I want to do my best to raise awareness in any way possible.

Please join me in spreading the message – Knowing it exists is not enough. We must act on it.

While LOVEFREYA continues its operations, spreading love and positivity to women from all walks of life, I want to remind everyone that true beauty lies in staying genuine and kind from within.

Transitioning into a new phase of life post-treatment can be tough, especially when striving to maintain a sense of confidence and allure.

LOVEFREYA Founder Grace Lee Breast Cancer post chemo hairloss
Thank you once again for your support.
Biggest Love, Grace Lee, Founder Breast Cancer Patient
We are a PINK Partner of Breast Cancer Foundation SG. 20% of proceeds* goes to supporting their cause. 


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