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Article: Outfits I stand by after learning about my Breast Cancer

Outfits I swear upon after finding out about Breast Cancer

Outfits I stand by after learning about my Breast Cancer

Dealing with anxiety, sleepless nights, and discomfort post multiple surgeries can be challenging. However, I have discovered some lifesaver that has greatly improved my sleep quality.

I have highly sensitive skin. Despite being treated with hypoallergenic dressings, I discovered an allergic reaction to surgical glue. It resulted in rashes appearing on my breast, which worsened as I scratched them. 

The itch is intolerable and even more uncomfortable than pain. I am a bare sleeper, the lightest touch from sheets or pillow edges drove me crazy.

I refrained from taking antihistamines because I was starting my 3rd IVF course immediately after my surgery. I can only rely on applying tons of calamine lotion and creams (Aveeno Skin relief moisturising lotion, if you want to know).

I slipped into my comfortable FYR BF Shirt Modal Cotton slip among others. The cooling and soft modal cotton provided protection in bed, ensuring nothing could disturb my sleep. Finally, I got a good night's rest!

You can find the remaining items in this carefully curated Pink Collection ! These items provided me with comfort and confidence through my healing journey. 

20% of proceeds from this collection will be donated to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore to support their cause.

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