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100% natural mulberry silk pillow sham single side set

Sale price$119.00 SGD
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Single sided silk surface. Polyester cotton underside.

A caring set for your skin and hair. Real silk retains moisture, is more breathable and has anti-mite effects which means, smoother, non-tangled hair, more cooling sleep and overall hydration for your skin.

Naturally hypoallergenic: allergists and allergy suffers alike often recommend Silk as the material of choice due to its natural Production that is completely chemical and additive Free.

Easy care: Hand or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Cool iron. Do not bleach. Can also be dry cleaned.

- set of 2
- 30 momme
- 6A grade
- 100% natural mulberry silk single sided
- white polyester underside
- 5cm flange
- classic envelope closure
- non static

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